Hatching Plots for a Hot Summer


There will be a CrimethInc. convergence this summer! It will take place in Indiana, from July 14 to 18. The campsite is yet to be ascertained, but the convergence will intersect with the Plan-It-X Records festival in Bloomington on July 16: the day will be filled with workshops and games, and the evening with music and other excitement. We’re really pulling out all the stops for this convergence, and we urge all of you to pull together a traveling group, brainstorm some resource or secret plan that you are more qualified than any other to bring and offer to your fellow maniacs, and join us to make it something unforgettable.

For all those who have eagerly been anticipating the upcoming Sabatour in support of Recipes for Disaster, you can help out by sending in much-needed donations. The organization is in its final hour, and the dates are posted on the informational site. Dozens and dozens of strangers have come together to make this tour possible, and they all deserve thanks for their efforts and investment. Also, anyone in the new England area with a van that would like to come on the tour is officially welcome. We invite freight drivers/renegade performers for an adventure of a lifetime.

And lastly, we have new Literature Distro Kits now available: the new kits include everything you need to set up a distro table or stock a small infoshop including books to sell and zines, posters and stickers in bulk to give away. We made these available so that people can get bulk copies of all the books at the cheapest possible price without having to order 10 copies of each book.