New Feature on Anarchism in Colombia, 2007 Convergence in Athens, OH


One of our field teams recently returned from an investigative trip to Latin America, and we’re pleased to present their complete report on anarchism and social struggles in Colombia. In addition to a general analysis of the Colombian context, this includes reports on the activities of a dozen collectives, reviews of publications from throughout the area, and contacts for a wide range of groups. Whether you’re planning a trip to Latin America, looking to make connections for solidarity projects, or just interested in learning more about the Colombian situation, please have a look.

We’re also excited to announce that this summer’s CrimethInc. convergence will take place in Athens, Ohio from July 25 to 29. This is the most advance notice we’ve given for a convergence since the first one, and we’d like to think that this indicates increasingly sophisticated levels of organization on our part. Last summer’s convergence was easily the most successful since 2002, and this summer’s will be an excellent opportunity to share skills and adventures with your fellow hooligans and lunatics, not to mention lay plans for the year ahead.

Rumor has it that there will also be tours leading up to the convergence; stay tuned for more details about those and the events planned for Athens. In the meantime, email to volunteer to contribute to, assist with, or attend the convergence.