The Spectacle CD Released, Tour Being Booked, Convergences and Demonstrations Impending


First, we’re thrilled to announce the release of Rope or Guillotine, the first full length recording by Norwegian hardcore band The Spectacle. Admittedly, some of us older folks in the record label department here are jaded about much punk music, so it’s really exciting for us to have discovered a new band that makes our hearts beat faster—let alone for us to get to put out a record by them! All the passion, fury, and soaring beauty we treasured in Gehenna, Zegota, Undying, Catharsis, and Godspeed! You Black Emperor are here in abundance, and The Spectacle both live up to those comparisons and pick up where they leave off. Don’t take our word for it, though—download a low-fi mp3 of one of their songs and hear for yourself.

The Spectacle and Requiem will be touring the eastern US together between October and November. If anyone is willing to book shows or otherwise assist this project, please email

The new printing of Fighting For Our Lives is steadily making its way out of the warehouse space. As usual, we must emphasize that it is only possible for us to do all this free literature distribution on the strength of the donations we receive, so if you think this is important please help us make it possible.

The CrimethInc. convergence in Des Moines is swiftly approaching. If you plan on attending, please contact the organizers at and let them know when you will arrive, how many people are traveling with you, and if you can provide or are in need of a ride to the Republican National Convention in New York City. Speaking of that convention, all who plan on attending should read the call to action now posted on

Here’s to all of us making it safely through to fall, with neither our bodies in jail nor our hearts in submission.