New Beauty Subversion Poster Kits, Active Distribution Steps Up


The third and newest installment of our subversion poster series is now available, the Beauty Subversion Kit, also known affectionately as the Medusa poster. Some of you may be familiar with its previous incarnation, but its back for more, bigger, fancier (yes, fancier!), and now has a corresponding back side to round out the whole ‘kit’ aspect.

Secondly, and perhaps of more importance, we’d like to announce that Active Distribution in London is now carrying virtually the entire CrimethInc. catalog for distribution in Europe, including co-releasing the European edition of the Zegota Reclaim! CD and several thousand copies of the new Harbinger. We couldn’t be more pleased with the partnership as they are excellent folks committed to the same goals we are, and are some of the only people around who we feel can really do CrimethInc. distro right—with their hearts in their hands and sweat on their brows. This should help make CrimethInc. material more accessible to many people, and we plan on continuing this arrangement with future releases.

Oh, and by the way, we will be announcing the availability of the second printing of Fighting For Our Lives before the end of the month. Yes, you heard right. Um, speaking of, did we mention that we need donations to make this work?