The Ex-Worker, Episode 9: No Time to Wait


What’s all this talk about insurrection? We’ve been throwing around the term “insurrectionary anarchism” in recent discussions on The Ex-Worker, so in our ninth episode we seize the moment and dive headlong into this trajectory that has influenced so many contemporary anarchists. We explore its roots among Spanish guerrillas, Situationists, and Italian criminals, lay out its core ideas, and reflect on how anarchists are making use of them in struggles today. We also review Italian anarchist Alfredo Bonanno’s classic insurrectionary text Armed Joy; look back over a summer’s worth of animal liberation actions; interview a supporter of the California Prison Hunger Strike, as it enters its 55th day; share some more listener feedback on nihilism; and offer our usual array of resistance news, events, prisoner birthdays, Contradictionary terms, and more. Tune in—the time to act is now!

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