Fighting for Our Lives 5th Printing


In the midst of new outbreaks of social conflict, we are patiently completing a project we began over eight years ago: the distribution of hundreds of thousands of copies of the anarchist primer Fighting for Our Lives.

This printing of 50,000 copies brings the total to 650,000 copies over the course of five printings. We’ve also opted for whiter, brighter, heavier paper, making this printing the highest quality yet. Fighting for Our Lives is still free in every order from CrimethInc. Far East, or to anyone who requests one.

Projects like this may seem inconsequential next to head-on confrontations with the state, but they are part of the long-term outreach work that can ensure these confrontations produce liberation rather than new forms of oppression. Rest assured that while we finish carrying out old commitments like this one, we are also preparing new offensives more ambitious than anything the world has seen from us yet. Things are heating up and we intend to be in the front lines.

A story about Fighting for Our Lives in action.

Announcements about the previous printings of Fighting for Our Lives: third printing, fourth printing.